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Privacy Policy

Release date: February 25th, 2023
Last revised date: February 25th, 2023

This Privacy Policy describes the policies that referred to as the "Blog") in handling your personal information for the various services offered by the Blog.

Purpose of Use of Personal Information

The Blog may ask you to enter personal information such as your name and e-mail address when you make inquiries.

Personal information obtained will only be used to respond to inquiries, etc., and will not be used for any other purpose.

Disclosure of Personal Information to Third Parties

Personal information obtained by the Blog will be managed appropriately and will not be disclosed to third parties except in the following cases

  • When consent has been obtained from the person in question
  • When disclosure is required by law

Access Analysis Tools

The Blog uses "Google Analytics" as an access analysis tool.

This tool uses cookies to collect traffic data.

Traffic data is collected anonymously and is not personally identifiable.

You can also disable this setting at any time if you do not wish to use cookies.

For more information on how data is collected and processed in Google Analytics, please see this site.


We are not responsible for any damages caused by the content of the Blog.

The content of the Blog is my personal opinion and not the official opinion of the organization to which I belong.

While I strive to provide the most accurate information possible, I cannot guarantee the accuracy or safety of the Blog.

Please note that I am not responsible for the information and services provided on other sites linked in the Blog.


Copyrights to the content of the Blog, including text and images, belong to me.

Unauthorized reproduction beyond the legally permitted scope of quotation is prohibited.

In addition, although I take the utmost care in the Blog, if you find any infringement of copyright or portrait rights, please contact me using the Contact Me form.

I will deal with it promptly.


The Blog is basically link-free, so you do not need to contact me or give me permission to link to your site.

However, please refrain from using inline frames and direct links to images and videos.

Privacy Policy Changes

The Blog will comply with Japanese laws and regulations regarding personal information and will endeavor to review the Privacy Policy from time to time.

If the Privacy Policy is revised, it will be promptly posted on this page.


If you find any errors in the content, I would appreciate it if you could contact me using the Contact Me form.

I will do my best to accommodate you.